Thursday, January 15, 2009

Waiting for the green light (1)

As I was waiting for the traffic lights to turn green, I snapped this shot without looking through the viewfinder. Strangely enough, besides the palazzo, which I'll tell you about in a minute, there is also a streetlamp reflected in the wing mirror and the building on the other side of the road is reflected in the door handle. How lucky can you get!

So back to the palazzo: it dates back to the first half of the nineteenth century and right on this corner, hidden by my car, is the oldest business in Trieste - Farmacia Picciola, a chemist.
The upper floors of the palazzo have just been converted into a hotel called Hotel Victoria, which was inaugurated last month. It is described as a "literary hotel", as good old James Joyce, yup him again, was a tenant there. He was also one of the chemist's most famous customers.

Besides welcoming wealthy tourists to stay on its premises, the owners of this four star hotel are planning on hosting cultural events, exhibitions and concerts.


Tash said...

I noticed the intricate street lamp right away & thought what a lot of good sights in one shot.

Tash said...

PS - I just noticed the wavy lines at the top. Very nice.

VP said...

Many nice things for a shot on the fly: a very good eye and a bit of luck. And, as always, an interesting text. Thank you!

Saretta said...

That's amazing! You probably never could have planed a shot like that!

Benjamin Madison said...

Great shot - and commentary. I figure photography is a lot like playing card games - there may be a lot of skill required but there is always an element of luck as well.