Saturday, January 24, 2009


Together with the alabarda of San Sergio, the so-called "melon" is a traditional symbol of the city of Trieste and both were originally placed on the tower bell of the San Giusto Cathedral till 1421 when the tower was seriously damaged by lightening.

The Melon is an acroterion (a sculpted decorative feature mounted at the apex of the plinth of a building) in sandstone, modelled in twelve segments, hence its name, and it is surmounted by a copy of the alabarda of San Sergio.

In 1422 the melon was taken down and the bell tower was replaced with a flattened-pyramid-shaped tiled roof. From that day on, the Melon began its pilgrimage. It has been placed on a roadside, exhibited in a museum, showcased in a niche and also inside in building.

It has now been restored and can be admired at the entrance of the San Giusto castle.


Anonymous said...

Great history! Love the shot!

Julie said...

Your photos are beautiful and evoke a sense of place. The skies you have photographed are truly magical.

Arctic Dakini said...

is it really that tall? What a job it must have been to move it

VP said...

I like this photo and the story is very interesting.