Sunday, January 4, 2009

San Giusto

San Giusto is Trieste's patron saint and he is celebrated on November 3rd.

As a christian under the rule of emperors Diocleziano and Massimiliano, he was imprisoned and brutally tortured in an attempt to break his will and force him to renounce his faith. In the end (303AD) he was condemned to death and thrown into the sea in front of Trieste, tied to heavy weights. The ropes he was tied with came undone and the martyr's body was found on the beach and subsequently buried.

Carlo Wostry portrayed the martyr on an enormous canvas in 1900. The painting is now kept in the Cathedral of San Giusto.


Unknown said...

This is a fantastic painting! Glad you could shot it!

USelaine said...

Stories of martyrdom are always so grim - by definition. Nicely reproduced.

Anonymous said...

i agree your idea ! very nice blog

CeciliaGallerani said...

I can imagine this is particularly effective at a very large scale. You've captured it well - the saint really glows.