Saturday, January 31, 2009

The club

Human bones and ashes were found among the rubble of the crematorium dynamited by the fleeing Germans, in three paper sacks of the sort used for cement. The club was also found amid the rubble.
It was used to torture and kill many prisoners and is made up
of a wooden handle, woven metal cables and a metal prism.

What adds horror to horror is the little note informing visitors that the club was stolen
in February 1981 by a group of people calling themselves "SAH - Squadre Adolf Hitler" (Adolf Hitler's squad). The club on display today is a replica of this object, made and donated in 2000.

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Julie said...

gruesome and someone wanted it. reality is sometimes hard to believe.

USelaine said...

Stunning. I know there are neo-Nazis in the US, but the only place I ever saw them was at a train station in Budapest one time - kids romanticizing power and hate. I can't imagine where that comes from.