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Public library

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wandering through the old city without a tripod

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A.H. Baron Banfield

Here she is (see yesterday's post).
The A.H. Baron Banfield, formerly the Unterweser 36.

(photo by Nereo C.)

Freiherr Gottfried von Banfield (6 February 1890 in Castelnuovo, Austro-Hungary – 23 September 1986 in Trieste) was the most successful Austro-Hungarian naval aeroplane pilot in the First World War. He was known as the 'Eagle of Trieste' and was the last person in history to wear the Military Order of Maria Theresa. He may have been the only flying ace who flew a flying boat to five or more victories.
After the First World War, the city of Trieste was annexed by Italy, and Gottfried was for a time imprisoned by the occupation police. In 1920 he emigrated to England and became a British subject. He married the Contessa Maria Tripcovich of Trieste (d. 1976). They settled in Newcastle-upon-Tyne, where their son Raphael Douglas, known to the world as the composer Raffaello de Banfield Tripcovich, was born in 1922. In 1926, Gottfried took Italian nationality and returned to Trieste to become Director of the Diodato Tripcovich and Co. Trieste Shipping-Company, which he took over from his father-in-law. Trieste Company ships then sailed under the Italian flag. Banfield became a celebrity of the city, usually called 'Our Baron', 'Il nostro Barone'. Serving as the Honorary Consul of France at Trieste, he was decorated with the Legion d'Honneur in 1977. Banfield died in Trieste in 1986 at the age of 96. (wiki)


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Baron bollard

An old bollard with the writing: BARON BANFIELD.

For a long time on this bollard was docked the largest tugboat owned by the Tripcovich Shipping Agency, the A.H. Baron Banfield, a type of tug that provides assistance to offshore platforms (A.H. is for Anchor Handling).

The Shipping Agency Tripcovich bought it second hand in 1987 and held it until 1992.

Tomorrow I will show the tugboat and where it was moored.

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Cadmium red

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In the brutalist residential complex of Rozzol Melara (built between 1969 and 1982, 468 apartments and about 2,500 residents) is a touch of warmth and humanity: a square window surrounded by pure cement, converted into a jazera (q.v.) and adorned with white curtains.

(photo by Nereo C.)

Kertesz on my mind...

see Meudon, 1928 Andre Kertesz

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Monte Stena is red in November (see yesterday's post) but blue in October, one of the flowering periods of the Hyssopus, a herbaceous plant of the genus Hyssopus native to Southern Europe, the Middle East, and the region surrounding the Caspian Sea. Due to its properties as an antiseptic, cough reliever and expectorant, it is commonly used as an aromatic herb and medicinal plant. (wiki)

(photo by Nereo C.)

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Monte Stena ablaze with colour

Cross at the top of Monte Stena (442 m.)

Mount Stena is a windswept hill, and for this reason, it is almost devoid of tall trees. A splendid example of karstic moorland.

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Gabbiano super 2

Gabbiano Super 2 - TS 247
One of the Crismani work boats that keeps the sea clean.

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Prepararsi a scendere

"L’ultimo tram, numero 9, el xe partido da Campo Marzio ale 21:00 del 31 marzo 1970 e la corsa la xe finida a San Giovanni.Mi iero a bordo dela terza vetura, proprio l’ultima dele ultime…

Durante la corsa el se ga impignido de gente che voleva celebrar ma ala partenza ghe iera poche persone e più de qualchedun se ga meravigliado del casin che fazevimo, una veceta me ga anche zigado che no se fa ste robe, mularia maledeta, dopo la ga capì e la se ga messo in alegria anche ela.
Più de uno se gaveva portà drio cazavide e tenaie per ciorse ricordi. Me ricordo de tre maritimi filipini stupefati che i gaverà contà a casa che a Trieste ogni sera i disfa i tram in corsa bevendo a garganela.
Mi go portado a casa el discheto col numero dela corsa, che el iera impicado davanti, sora del frenador. In realtà mi ghe fazevo la tira al numero “9” dela linea, ma ierimo in tropi che lo voleva e gaveria dovù mazar più de uno per rivarghe."
(foto di Sergio Ferrari, storia raccontatami da Nereo C. l'uomo che sta bevendo dalla bottiglia nella foto)

"The number 9 tram ran for the very last time at 9pm on 31 March 1970 when it went from Campo Marzio all the way to San Giovanni.
I was in the third carriage, the very last carriage of the very last tram ...
During the ride the tram gradually filled with people who wanted to celebrate, but to begin with there had been very few people and some of them were astounded by the din we were making, one old woman shouted at me "you shouldn't be doing that, tut, the youth of today!" , but then she understood what was going on and joined in the fun.
A few people had brought screwdrivers and pliers with them to take some souvenirs home with them. I remember there were three Philipine sailors who looked 
appalled and probably went home saying that every night people in Trieste dismantled the streetcars, drinking straight out of a bottle.
I took the disc with the number of the ride, which was hanging on the front of the tram, above the driver. Actually I had been hoping to get hold of the number "9", but too many of us wanted it and I'd have had to kill several people to get hold of it."
(photo by Sergio Ferrari, story by Nereo C. the man drinking from the bottle in the photo)

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1962, Claudia Cardinale in Trieste, during the filming of Senilità, based on the novel by Italo Svevo.

After their intense discussion, as they stood sheltered from the heavy rain under the roof of the Central Fish Market, Angiolina leaves Emilio to take the tram, whose distinctive whistle can be heard in the distance . A few seconds later the No. 9 tram crosses the very tracks that were dug up a few days ago (see yesterday's post) and have now been removed to make way for a new paving and ... other films.

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Tracks of the past

Piazza Venezia buzzing with activity as workmen repaved it. The thin layer of gray tarmac concealed an old treasure: the tramway. But as soon as it was revealed, it was immediately removed. The first tramway line, initially horse-drawn, was established in 1876, then the lines were gradually increased, they were electrified in 1898 and reached their peak in 1900.
In today's post I have added an extra image, a vintage postcard depicting the same area. On the left you can see a tram operating regularly.
(photo and historical information  by Nereo C.)

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Poppy day

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Recycled cardboard art

Chris Gilmour
Equestrian Statue
cardboard, glue and paint

Chris Gilmour is an English artist who lives in Udine, specialising in the creation of life-sized sculptures of painstaking detail made of recycled cardboard and glue, using both plain packaging cardboard and recycled packaging material.

The Equestrian Statue is visible from 30 September to 4 December at the Museum Revoltella as part of the exibition "Corrispondenze d'arte".

Editor's note: the man in the photo is not the artist, he is merely a passer-by who helps you understand how big the statue is.

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The pedestrian underpass of Barcola cleaned up and painted by the group "Work in progress".
Project by Elisa Vladilo

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Funfenberg Castle

The ruins of Castle Funfenberg, an ancient garrison on the trade route that ran through Val Rosandra. 

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Looking out through the looking glass


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Autumn crossroads

(Val Rosandra, Monte Carso, paths)

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Lookout at Moccò

Lookout (top left hand corner) at Moccò on the homonymous hill, near the ruins of Moccò Castle, at 200 m. above sea level.

See also the "Lookout at San Lorenzo" post.

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Teatro Miela

Teatro Miela: the best theatre in town since it opened in 1990.

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Theme Day: Fences

This post is my participation to the November City Daily Photo theme day : fences.