Saturday, February 21, 2009


I 9 savi (9 wise)
Acrylic on wooden board.
cm 160 x cm 120

I dedicate today's post to my dear friend Guido Zamattio (aka GuZama) whose solo exhibition is opening today at Teatro Miela in Trieste, and runs till March 7.

Here are a few words from GuZama himself (quoted from his profile on deviantART):

Hi to everybody!
This saturday, 21 of february at 7:30 pm in the bar space of Miela Theatre there will be the vernissage of my personal exhibition with the title of "COMMEDIA" (commedy, meaning the classical sense of the term).
There will be new and older paintings: a kind of anthology of all the work of 10 years playing with these hybrid creatures of soul, body and electric technology. At the opening there will be as special guest the "POP-TOXIQUE" ensamble dj set.
Wellcome people in carnival dresses!

Good luck Guido!


Hilda said...

Good luck to your friend Guido! I like his illustration style, and this ironic piece.

I also like deviantART. One of the first websites I go to when I need a change of desktops :)

VP said...

Fossi stato un po' piรน vicino, sarei venuto volentieri...

Tash said...

Wish I could visit the exhibit. Thanks for bringing us a bit of it.
(It's a great use of a blog - promoting art & promoting friends' work.)