Thursday, February 19, 2009

I ♥ Topolini

I "Topolini" are the most famous bathing facility in Trieste.

They are called "Topolini" (little mice) for their semicircular shape that looks like the ears of Mickey Mouse. There are ten Topolini and each has bathers of a certain age group: the first ones are for old people and families, the ones further along are for adolescents: obviously the first are very quiet while the others host a rather rowdy lot.

During the summer, the Topolini are literally under siege from thousands of people of all age groups. Finding a space for your towel can be a hard job if you don't arrive early and even walking about can be difficult because the place is packed with families or large groups of students.

Of course it is free to use and there are no limited hours of opening.

In the photo: a few steps of the little winding staircase leading to the sea.


VP said...

Bathing in Trieste has to be peculiar, could you show us more of these "Topolini"?

Anonymous said...

Beautiful and (anyway) romantic!
Bello e (ancheà romantico!

magicpolaroid said...

bella, bella! il semplice contrasto la rende molto fresca!!

Jane Hards Photography said...

It is a beautiful image.