Sunday, December 7, 2008

Scala Dublino

The Dublin steps which go from Via San Giacomo in Monte to Via Besenghi, were previously called the Joyce steps, as the renowned writer lived close by, in the third floor appartment where he began writing one of his most acclaimed works, Ulysses.


Bolina Stretta said...

La mia scalinata cittadina preferita !
Partivo dall inizio di via Schiapparelli, angolo Campi Elisi, facevo una piccola scala che mi portava vicino al Nordio, da li' a sinistra, poi sulla destra, prima del bar, c'e' un' altra piccola scalinata che porta in via Besenghi (piccolo gioiello nascosto nel cuore di Trieste) alla fine di via Besenghi, finalmente, Scala Dublino, con una delle viste piu' belle sul cuore di Trieste. Non dimentichiamo il Parco, con entrata dalla scalinata !

Ottima scelta, e, ovviamente spero che sia l'inizio di una serie.. ;-)

Guy D said...

Wow, great perspective. I love this shot.

Regina In Pictures

USelaine said...

Nice lines and echoed colors! I wonder why the switch to his city instead of his name.

angela said...

Nicely composed..I didn't know Joyce lived in Trieste. That's something new learned today :))

Judy said...

I love the way the leaves echo the colours of the roofs in the background, and how the distant view is framed by the trees! There are so many lines, all going in so many directions, and yet they all work to make serene photo!
Thanks for sharing!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful! The composition, the colors, the perspective. I visited Joyce's house in Dublin and now, as I find out he lived in Trieste, you made me curious to see with my own eyes the place I see in your photo.

Rick said...

my family is the only one living in scala Dublino (at n.1 just in front of the Giardino Basevi entrance).
In fact our "scala" was formerly known as via Besenghi n.3 and
scala James Joyce n.1 we changed address two times without moving a step!
The latter denomination was due to an error by workers of the "Comune" who mismatched our location with another "scala" near by, where Joyce lived in a flat. This brought a correction involving both the "scale".

Riccardo "Rick" Rosin

P.S.: very beautiful blog indeed!

Anonymous said...

Very good!