Monday, October 20, 2008

Museo Revoltella

Via Diaz, The Revoltella Museum.
Yesterday I visited two temporary exibitions hosted in the Museum and took some pictures, of course. So tomorrow I'll show you the inside of the building.
As there were some road works going on outside the building I couldn't take the picture I wanted to, so here is a ... painting from wikipedia.

The Revoltella Museum was opened in 1872 in the palazzo belonging to Baron Revoltella (1795 - 1869).
Thanks to the frequent purchases and substantial donations made to the museum from the early years, the collection soon outgrew the exhibition space available, and the Municipality of Trieste decided to purchase the two buildings contiguous to the Baron’s 18th century residence, Palazzo Brunner and Palazzo Basevi.
In 1963 Carlo Scarpa was commissioned a project to extend and refurbish the three buildings. The works took a long time and only after several years and a few partial openings, was the museum completed and inaugurated in 1993.


tr3nta said...

Another great shot... nice discovering your blog...

Eki said...

The angle, geometry, and the color combination of the walls make a very nice composition, Rob.


rob said...

Thank you! Troppo buoni (too nice)!