Wednesday, October 29, 2008


This statue of a putto is part of a fountain (1753 – Mazzoleni) situated in piazza Ponterosso. The putto is familiarly known as Giovannin de Ponterosso (Little John), as the water in the fountain comes from the San Giovanni (Saint John) district.

The flower, fruit and vegetable market sellers to this day still fondly adorn it with fresh flowers each year on June 24th, Saint John's day.
It was shrouded in black mourning veils on the day of Umberto I of Savoy's assassination, which took place in Monza on July 29th 1900.


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Very nice shot and information. I love your 'spaghetti junction'! Fantastic!

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nice image. would love to see a photo of it covered in flowers.