Saturday, April 25, 2009

Greek Orthodox Church

The Greek-orthodox Church of S.Nicholas officially opened with the first Mass celebrated on February 18th 1787.

The temple, dedicated to Saint Nicholas, was built along the seafront because at that time Trieste was a thriving emporium and, thanks to the Greek merchants among others, every year thousands of boats docked in the harbour from the East where this Saint is highly worshipped.

Saint Nicholas is also the patron saint of seafarers, shipowners and anyone who deals with the sea.


Saretta said...

Saint Nicholas is also the patron saint of Bari! :-)
Is it just me, or are all the cars in front of the church blue? I love the refection on the water!

amatamari© said...


E dovrei pure tradurre "S. Nicolò de bari la festa degli scolari..."


Lowell said...

I'm impressed. Amazing. It looks like it's in such great shape. Very fine photo!

➔ Sill Scaroni said...

Bellissima foto, cumplimenti.

humanobserver said...

It is a great foto. The church looks beautiful.

crocrodyl said...

Wow! Beautiful view! This church looks almost like on the water:)

magicpolaroid said...

like this architectural church!