Friday, March 27, 2009


From this viewpoint, the building on the corner reminds me of the famous flatiron building.
Or perhaps my imagination is running away with me.


Tash said...

Definitely very similar! Great angle (of building & photo) - and it works really well in B&W. I think it helps the viewer focus on the architecture instead of the what must be a gorgeous sky.

VP said...

I am with Tash, your imagination is still on solid ground, the angle is impressive and... ok, it works in B&W! Beautiful clouds too.

Sally said...

Yes, it's amazing the replicas that building inspired. There are a couple in Sydney too (I posted one quite recently)

PS _ Piero - my husband is a Piero.

Anonymous said...

This is a really nice photo. Your talent is admired by me and others. Thanks for the gobsmacks visit.

crocrodyl said...

I think they are very similar! This building looks like a ship:) Great shot!

Merisi said...

Oh yes, I agree,
I thought "What's the Flatiron building doing in Trieste?" when I came upon the image.
Brilliant photo!