Thursday, August 30, 2012


This map shows the borders of the Free Territory of Trieste and was published by the Viseglia Geographic Institute of Rome in 1953, following the increasing request from Italian public opinion for information on the institution of the Free Territory of Trieste, which is a thin coastal zone outreaching from Duino up to Quieto River close to Cittanova in Istria. Officially the Free Territory of Trieste, established on the 16th September 1947, had a Governor jointly appointed by Italy and Yugoslavia, while the United Nation Security Council granted its territorial integrity and its independence; an agreement on the Governor appointment was never found and the Territory was, until 1954, divided in two parts: Zone A (with Trieste), under the temporary administration of the Allied Military Government, and Zone B under the administration of the Yugoslavian Military Government. The border between the two zones was established along the southern part of the "Morgan Line", slightly south of Muggia.

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