Thursday, March 8, 2012


Modernization works on the Bersaglieri wharf have brought to light an old .... saiba.

Saiba: In the jargon of port workers, this is a railway turntable with two rails crossing each other to move the rail cars by 90 degrees and direct them onto the rails running to the end of the piers. (translated from M.Doria - the dictionary of Trieste dialect)

The wagon was pulled onto the Saiba by oxen, or more recently, pushed on by a small tractor. To prevent the tractor coming off the Saiba a paiz (a long, heavy stick) was stuck under one of its wheels by a Paizer, the man whose job this was. This was a very dangerous operation, and would be unthinkable under today's "health and safety" regulations.

(photo by Nereo C.)

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what happened to the soccer ball bounce series with the columns? I like the color one more personally.