Friday, August 7, 2009

Frati Minori

Church of the "Madonna del Mare dei Frati Minori" (1957).
There's an interesting story about this church. The town council, in order to help the poor monks finish its construction, which was becoming a long dragged out affair due to a lack of funds, gave the congregation a lot of stone from old tombs which had been removed from the Sant'Anna cemetery. This is why the white stones, dotted up the pillars and on the facade, used to bear and some still bear the names and dates of a distant past.


Fio said...

Che sorprendente tenda(?) rossa!
Bella composizione.

brattcat said...

Excellent post. I really like the idea of the past being brought forward to the present this way. And I love that statement of orange in the otherwise gray stone palette.

Hilda said...

Now that's unusual! But I like the idea. I also like those tall, deep arches.

Bolina Stretta said...

Bellissima la prospettiva, mi piace molto. Ma senti, questa non e' la chiesa in Piazzale Rosmini ?
( un piccolo gioello nascosto a Trieste , BTW )