Saturday, July 11, 2009

Lessons in Triestine dialect (2)

In Piaza Granda xe un monumento
de Carlo Sesto, del Mile e Seizento
che sufi vento, che sufi bora
tuti i colombi ghe svola sora.

Nella Piazza Grande (oggi Piazza Unità) c'è un monumento
di Carlo Sesto, del Milleseicento
Che ci sia vento che ci sia bora
tutti i piccioni gli volano sopra.

In Piazza Grande (today Piazza Unità) there's a monument
of Carl the sixth, from the seventeenth century.
Be it gusty, be there the bora wind,
all the pigeons fly all over him.

These are the official lines of an old Triestine song. The verb "svola" ("vola", "fly") was usually replaced by a much more colourful verb.


amatamari© said...

Thanks thanks thanks!!!

Saretta said...

Nice trilingual translation Rob!

Hilda said...

LOL, I can only guess what that verb is!

Wonderful eye-level photo. Where were you?

Kcalpesh said...

Love the sky, the sculpture, the structure, the composition, the feel... well everything about the picture.. nicely shot.. :-)

Leif Hagen said...

Rob - grand photo! Carl looks very stylish - a trend setter in fact!

Anonymous said...

What a surprise to find this and how nice!!!
Thanks a lot!